Welcome! The Nineteenth-Century Forum is an interdisciplinary group for faculty, staff, and graduate students at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. We seek to investigate the culture and history of the nineteenth century and to challenge established orientations of geography, temporality, and academic periodizations and divides. We therefore warmly invite participation from the departments of English, History, Comparative Literature, American Culture, History of Art, Women’s Studies and members of related fields who have an interest in the nineteenth-century.

Since 2004, NCF has had a successful history of collaboration between graduate students and faculty, with a variety of events and work. Please see our archive for recent past events, and our calendar for upcoming meetings. If you would like more information about NCF, or would like to join our email list, please contact either of our graduate student coordinators, Emma Soberano, Dana Moss, or Ellie Reese.

More information about Rackham Interdisciplinary Working Groups can be found at http://www.rackham.umich.edu/academics/rii/interdisciplinary-workshops.

Recent Events

Field Trip to Beyond Van Gogh Detroit

The group visited Beyond Van Gogh Detroit, an immersive traveling exhibit about the Dutch nineteenth century impressionist painter’s life and artwork.